John Chapman is available and excited to speak about permaculture, social ecology, and beyond sustainability — How To Meet Nature’s Regenerative Demands, “Nature’s Economy”,  for schools, communities, organizations, businesses, and governments at the following:

  • Primary Schools, High Schools and Universities
  • Organic/Restoration Agriculture & Farming Events
  • Holistic Health and Food Events
  • Music/Arts Festivals & Activism Events
  • Sustainability Business Summits and Conferences
  • Corporate Meetings & Events
  • And more!

Currently, John is giving the following presentations and can adapt them as necessary:

  1. From Monocultures To Polycultures: Meeting Nature’s Economy, What Will It Take?
  2. Bio-Regional Localization: Regenerating Our Food Systems and Communities/Stopping Global Climate Catastrophe
  3. The Ecology Of Our Psychology: Social Ecology and Distributive Justice