The principals of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share guide our consulting/design practice and outreach/education/public relations programs and campaigns. We adhere to the permaculture principle of harmoniously integrating landscapes and people to create resilient communities which meet nature’s regenerative demands with local food/energy security and sovereignty.

We learn from ecological systems and elements in all their forms how to stack functions to consciously create multiple systemic regenerative benefits of nourishment and prosperity for our clients and business.

We use deep observation in assembling conceptual, material, and strategic components that enable the long-term regeneration of ecosystems that produce abundance for humanity, the earth, and our plant and animal kin.

Just as energy in nature is exchanged without entropy as it relates to the whole, and nature creates diversity and abundance by design, and we are nature, we employ consistent holistic language capable of supporting timely and efficient holistic decision-making to help our clients understand, embody, and stack regenerative knowing and wisdom.