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John Chapman, Certified Permaculture Designer
CEO, Activist | Eco-Entrepreneur



  • 2011—Holistic Planned Grazing 3-day intensive, Kirk Gadzia, Savory Institute, San Ramon, CA
  • 2011—PDC certificate, Robin Francis, www.permaculture.com.au Australia Permaculture College, and Cathe’ Fish, www.practicalpermaculture.com
  • 2011—Internship with Mark Shepard at New Forest Farm, Viola, Wisconsin www.newforestfarm.net 
  • 2010–2014—Extensive study in permaculture, regenerative agriculture, holistic management, and social ecology (philosophy and psychology)
  • 4Q 2014—Holistic Management Practitioner Course Work Completion
  • 4Q 2014—Launch business: Regeneration Now